Saturday, 14 May 2016

1000 Thank you Rosary's Website

Friends, for those of you who are interested in purchasing a 1000 Thank you rosary, we have registered a domain and created a website especially to highlight and assist the Assisi Sisters, in their sale and promotion of their 1000 Thank you Rosary's,  and the many other types of Rosary's they make, design and sell. Including 60 cm Statues that they also have for Sale.

Please visit  for more information on the types made and the price including postage.

We currently do not have a catalogue of different rosary's made. We plan to build the catalogue of the different types and styles. Not all rosary’s are made in Durban, they are mostly made at various convents throughout Kwazulu Natal the Free State, we have asked the various Sisters involved for samples, to photograph them and add them to the catalogue.

Therefore we will be building the catalogue of the rosary types on a regular basis. If you like to give a really special gift or spoil yourself visit often as we will be updating the website catalogue on a regular basis.

Thank you for your support of the sisters and their endeavours.  

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sr Keswa packaging 1000 Thank you Rosarys for postage to various locations world wide and some of the team.

Friends this is my dear friend Sr Keswa FSF, she is an Assisi Sister or a Member of the Daughters of St Frances. We have a cup of Coffee together most mornings and a chat, some mornings we have a small meeting to discuss the postage and related matters pertaining to the posting of Thank you Rosaries. Sr Keswa is the Mother Superior of the Convent, forget the stereo type of formidable hard and strict, the exact opposite of that, a sweet and dear soul who cares for every one who comes under her wings. Soft spoken and a lady of few words. She visits the sick at King Edward. She loves those that need love the most. By the way she can be very naughty and has a good sense of humour. Very focused with her it is prayer first..

Some of the Rosarys Sr Keswa had blessed this morning the small ones are the type currently being sold by the sisters. They find them easier to manage. In the background are the old type. Which the sisters no longer make, we found them difficult to use. They were to long and distracting because the keep falling to the floor. They only made a few and then moved on to the smaller ones which are popular.
This is Sr Marcus who is a big fan of the 1000 thank you rosary, she is always on my 'case' to say the Rosary no matter how busy I am, a dear an very close friend. One of the few people I take note when she speaks. She is the convent cook. The kitchen is her office and the kitchen table is where we often sit and chat while she prepares meals.
This is Sr Rosina also part of the team who make the Rosarys, another close friend and a sweetie pie, cant speak a word of English.A big love and a dear kind caring soul.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

1000 Thank you rosay picture and pricing for Google+ posting by Apostle Mary Nabila Ales

This is the current style of 1000's thank you rosary, hand crafted as made by the Assisi Sisters, it consists of  200 plus beads and they make 5 circuits to complete the 1000 thank you's.

The local cost is R 75 if collected from sisters directly, postage and packaging to any location in South Africa including a tracking number is an additional R 60. Total R 135. This price is valid till April 2017 unless postage rates go up. You can send a postal/money order to with your details to

The Mother Superior
Att: Thank you Rosary
494 Frere Road,
Glenwood Durban 4001

Friends who live overseas and would like to buy a single that is one Rosary from the Sisters, send a postal/money order to the value of 10 UK Pounds or 14 US Dollars and they will post one of these rosary's to you. You will be provided with a tracking number so you can follow the progress.  

Here again if  you prefer to go electronic then wait for about 10 to15 or so working days from today 2nd April and goto  the vendor name will be "Prayer-apparel" you can purchase your rosary there.