Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Viscious Gastro Doing the Rounds

This gastro doing the rounds is vicious, even more so than the one that did the rounds three or so weeks ago. Over night I went from being full of clever comments and power paraffin, to waking up feeling like I been hit by a putco bus driven by a drunk driver and no power paraffin. Not to mention the sweats and the shivers. All you will want to do is sleep. I delayed going to see the doc which turned out to be not clever. If you feel it coming on do your self a favor don't mess around get to the doc or you in for an unhappy time.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Putting out the mattresses and stuff

I don't know if you guys do this but on stinking hot days we take out every cushion and pillow we can find and put them on the the roof at the same time we also get out the mattresses and put then on other roof. We take opportunity and wash all the linen and anything else we can round up. The nice thing is when you bring this lot in it smells lovely. I try do this as often as possible when there are stinking hot days over the weekends.

Coco is 19

Daddies love angel is 19 on the 28 January he out lived them all. Still going strong. I remember the day he hatched and when I went to fetch him. As a baby for hand rearing. We been through a lot together. When he got so ill a few years ago Dr Werner from Village Vet struggled to get him better he put a lot of effort into getting him better. I remember the struggle well. I wrote to him to share the small joy.

Suddenly this aberation is so normal !

Not so long ago load shedding would have set off a communal 'howel' of complaint in the flats next door and the area around my house, it is odd how quickly we get used to things and load shedding is suddenly 'normal' 'a part of life' no 'howel' just normal noises of kids playing and people braai'ing on a Saturday and no loud music. Bliss!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Morning Rain is so unusual.

Light steady rain here in Umbilo this morning, it's unusual to have morning rain. It's 18C and feels chilly, the is air still. Have a wonderful week friends happy weather reporting. May God Bless you all.